Corporate Events

Finish Your Corporate Event with A Custom Touch

High quality and sleek, our professional backdrop (step-and-repeat) reflects the image of your company. Whether you need a permanent or temporary backdrop, Superstar Runway helps you plan, design and install whatever you need. Our professional graphic designers have extensive large-format print experience to set you apart from your competition. If you already have a logo that makes you proud, we can apply it to your backdrop.

Host an Unforgettable Grand Opening or Event

Launch your product or boost your customer experience with a red-carpet affair. Capture the moments in front of our custom step-and-repeat featuring your logo. As your guests step away, a 4×6 or 5×7 full-length photo puts your brand right in their hand. Ask them to instantly share their photo on social media and expand your exposure immediately.

Let your guests email the photo to their personal account with a special note or coupon to entice them back. We’ll pass the email address on to you to add to your marketing mailing list. Speak with a representative at (312) 488-4694 or email Superstar Runway and we’ll help you go viral.

Increase Your ROI with the Exposure of a Step-and-Repeat

Transform your sales floor into an exciting, energetic entertainment environment with Superstar Runway and our partner IntensEvents. While Superstar Runway’s cameras flash, IntensEvents. provides a powerful sight and sound experience. Let IntensEvents. make your grand opening extraordinary and your sales soar like they have at Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and more.

Go viral today, speak with one of our representatives (312) 488-4694 or email Superstar Runway.