Mitzvah Grand Entrance

You Deserve A Red Carpet Entrance At Your Mitzvah!

Group photos have never looked so good. Hollywood, that’s you! Superstar Runway’s banners (step and repeat) are high quality backdrops that bring the glitz and glam of the famous award shows to your Mitzvah. Two to eight or more friends and family can pose in front of your customized backdrop. We will roll out the red carpet, set up the velvet ropes while you stroll in, all Hollywood.

…my theme is not Hollywood.

You do not need a Hollywood theme to have Superstar Runway at your Mitzvah. Challenge our designers to think out of the box. We can tailor to almost any theme. Jungle backgrounds, sports type media walls, movie themes, landscapes and more.

Ask us how we can customize your event. Speak with one of our representatives at (312) 488-4694 or email Superstar Runway.