Looking for an excuse to have a red carpet party?

Just about any event can have a Superstar Runway backdrop (step and repeat) featuring the party host or theme. Picture yourself, your family and friends on the red carpet. Let your guest enjoy the star treatment.

Get on the red carpet. Smile! Be the center of attention.

Turn a plain party into an elegant red carpet event. Step and Repeat Backdrops often seen on the red carpet at Hollywood premier arrivals can easily be used at any event.

Super Sweet 16’s featuring the your name and theme.

Baby Showers featuring the babies name, shower theme, colors and photos (rattles, bottles, etc).

Holiday Party No more photos with a plain background, but a themed photo backdrop.

Black Tie formal events featuring your donors and sponsors.

Charity events featuring your donors and sponsors.

Awards Ceremony with the event name and participants.

Quinceanera featuring you and your theme.

Oscar Night
 is not just celebrated at the Oscars.

 celebrations transformed into red carpet events.

Wedding Shower
 because you deserve it.

Bachelorette Party
 we  create what you can imagine.

New Year celebration featuring just about anything.